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How do you know if your company is ready for mentoring?

Fill out our Mentoring Interest Survey TM and we will send you back a recommendation. Free!


How do you know if your organization is ready for mentoring?   Fill out our Mentoring Interest Survey TM and we will respond with a recommendation report.  The questionnaire is not only reviewed by our on-line software program, but it is evaluated by professionals from Improvement Technologies. The FREE report compilation will have a "real person" response.  Use this link to fill out the form, give us your e-mail address and we will send you a sample report containing recommendation within 5 business days.


We have standard questionnaires on-line that can be customized to fit your organization's  needs.   The Questionnaires are for both Mentor and Mentee (Protégé) to use and cover all aspects of the partnership from beginning to end.  They include:
  • Initial application and participant profile This form can be customized to fit your organization's structure and functional divisions.  The Application Profile is used by all mentoring program participants, Mentor and Mentee (Protégé).   The confidential data collected with this form is used to match the Mentee (Protégé) with the best mentor prospect prior to final selection by the participants and/or Coordinator. This form tracks their progress throughout the program.

  • 3-month checkpoint It is important to know if the program is working from the onset.  After 3 months, the participants complete this on-line questionnaire and Coordinators can evaluate the progress of the Mentoring Pair. This questionnaire is used in conjunction with an Evaluation Interview. By evaluation the health of the Mentoring pairing, Coordinators can decide if any corrective steps are needed with the partnership. Reports with valuable feedback are provided for Coordinators.

  • 6-month checkpoint – Information at the mid-point of a one year program, provides data about the growth experienced by each of the Mentoring partners. Feedback from participants allows for adjustments to the program to insure optimum results.  Coordinators can use this data to verify that participants are meeting commitments and adhering to agreed-upon commitments. Cumulative reporting is provided on-line for Coordination Teams to assess the quality of the program and project expansion opportunities. This questionnaire is used in conjunction with focus groups for Mentors and Mentees.

  • Final checkpoint This on-line form enables participants to submit their results at the completion of the mentoring program.   Analysis of this data shows the strengths of the program and possible recommendations for improvement. The compiled data is the source for executive reports and documents the impact of the program within the organization.
Database management (MATS TM)

The Database management tool, Mentoring Application and Tracking System, provides a means for storing, editing and retrieving all information about the program participants.   This information is entered on-line by the participants, Coordinators and administrators.

An administration function is provided for Coordinators so that each feature is secure and can be accessed only by those with permission.  Only your company and the authorized participants can gain entry to the on-line information.   This administration feature is provided for your organization's Coordinators to facilitate the admission and updating of participant data for the program.

Participant tracking

Throughout the course of the Mentoring Program there are scheduled events for the Mentor and Mentee – tracking attendance is key to evaluating the success of the partnerships and contributes to program success.  Also, monitoring participation in the checkpoint events is essential to providing a comprehensive analysis of the pairing.  The program administrator or Coordinator updates the information in the Mentor and Mentee file.

Our service extends to providing our customers with questionnaires, survey forms, numerous reporting tools and a help line with rapid and knowledgeable response. Questionnaires are customized to fit each organization's specifications.

Evaluation tools

It is important to track the success of the mentoring program and we provide all the tools necessary to assess the program’s effectiveness.  We work with the organization's executives and Coordination teams to define the success criteria and we scale the tools to measure results accordingly.  These results are available on-line and in printed format at predefined timelines.

Mentor selection/match program

We have an on-line mentoring match program that selects 3 top candidates based on the information provided by the Mentor and Mentee in the Application Profile questionnaire. The selection criteria can also be those parameters defined by your company along with areas of interest, work experience and career path.  The on-line match can also be overridden by the Coordinator or administrator with tools provided in our system.

Training and communication tools

Communication materials are provided for the administrators, Coordinators, Mentors and Mentees in a program.  Training aids in the form of the Mentoring Partnership workshop and Facilitator's Guides assist the workshop facilitators and participants in getting the most out of the mentoring program. 

 Intranet development

Many organizations have their mentoring program descriptions on their intranet site.  The application programs can be scoped to fit their organization’s functional needs and intranet requirements.  Application upgrades and support are available.  A web template with mentoring content is available as a turnkey operation and in a customized format.

Executive presentations

Management needs to know the effectiveness of the mentoring program at critical checkpoints as the participants progress through the program phases. Pre-defined objectives, goals and success factors are used as measures of the value of mentoring to the organization. Graphs and PowerPoint presentations are prepared for on-line viewing or printing.

Secure on-line access for your company

Organizations are becoming more aware of the need to secure their most important asset – data.  Confidential employee information is even more essential to view in a secure environment.  Each organization is given sole access to its own data, which is ID and password protected. This environment is controlled by the company’s program Coordinator, who grants access to participants through the administrative tools in the system. 

Administrative tools

In order to provide proper coordination of the mentoring program, all of the screens necessary to grant access to participants, Coordinators and administrators are available.  The tools allow access to the database for updating and editing participant information, plus reporting and tracking of program events.


Our service extends to providing our customers with questionnaires, survey forms, numerous reporting tools and a help line with rapid and knowledgeable response.


How do you know if your company is ready for mentoring?
Fill out our Mentoring Interest Survey and we will return a recommendation report.



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